Safety Tips for Pizza Delivery Drivers

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There is certainly no shortage of things to think about when you own and operate a pizza delivery service.  Producing a quality product, marketing it effectively, and delivering it hot and fresh to your customers in a timely manner is enough to keep even they most dedicated entrepreneur busy.  One thing that cannot be overlooked, however, is the safety of your drivers and staff.  Unfortunately, delivering pizzas can be a dangerous job.  In addition to the perils of constant driving (often in the worst weather when pizza delivery is at its highest), there is also the threat of dangerous animals and robbery.

There are things you can do to increase your driver’s safety, reduce costly insurance claims, safe guard your pizza restaurant supplies, and protect your pizzeria’s revenue.  Utilizing the same foresight and planning that is put into opening and running your business, you can devise and implement a driver safety program to protect your employees and your business.

Outline Your Pizzeria’s Non-Negotiables

Often times incidents occur simply because a driver was not made aware of the fact that something is dangerous, or against company policy.  Develop and maintain an employee handbook, as well as a detailed guide for your drivers.  Having a clear set of rules and guidelines set out for your employees will help them deal with potentially dangerous situations more effectively.

Your handbook should start by stating that your drivers safety is your number one priority, because it is!  Your commitment to your staff and their personal safety will be reflected back on your business in dedication and loyalty from your employees.  Remember, money is really just money, pizzaware can be replaced, but your drivers are people who deserve to be as safe as possible.

Some of the policies your employees should follow include a ban on cell phone use while driving, as well as personal music players, and excessive music volume.  A pizza delivery driver spends quite a bit of time on the road, thus increasing their chances of an accident due to sheer amount of time spent driving.  Reducing distractions will increase your drivers chances of returning from their deliveries safe and sound.

Also, make it very clear that there is to be no alcohol, drugs, or firearms in the driver’s vehicle at any time.  Also, institute a zero-tolerance policy for driving while intoxicated.  Outline your company’s policy, including any alcohol or drug screenings that may be performed, and be prepared to enforce this rule.  If an employee appears to be intoxicated in any way, send them home immediately.  Make it known that an intoxicated employee will not only not work their scheduled shift, but will not work for you at all.

Outfit Your Drivers With The Equipment They Need

An important ingredient in a driver’s safety is providing them with the equipment they need to keep their eyes on the road.  Using their phone, checking maps, and trying to secure loose pizzas can jeopardize your driver’s safety.  Consider providing your driver’s with a GPS system to prevent the use of folding maps, and reduce the chances of your driver getting lost.  The extra cost for these systems is offset by the reduction in wasted time searching for a location, and ensuring that the pizza arrives in the shortest time frame possible.  Also, supply your drivers with high quality pizza delivery bags to keep your product hot,  intact, and secure  in your driver’s vehicle.

Have A “Dangerous Situation” Plan And Stick To It

Outline a plan for your drivers to help them deal with potentially dangerous situations.  It is important that your drivers know how to spot and prevent a problem before it happens.  Let them know that if something seems “off” that they are to remain in their vehicle and call the manager on duty for further instructions.  Trust your drivers, listen to their concerns, and always error on the side of caution.  Implement a no-resistance policy for all employees.  If someone wants your pizza money give it to them!  Never allow or encourage your employees to risk their lives or the lives of others by putting up a fight.  On that note, try and limit the amount of cash your drivers carry, and any signage on their vehicle that may make them a potential target for thieves.

Your Hard Work Will Pay Off

You want your pizzeria to be known for it’s commitment to using eco-friendly pizza equipment, delivering a product that is hot and fresh, and employing safe, courteous drivers.  Devising and implementing these and other safety tips will ensure that your operation runs smoothly and stays profitable.

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